The City

TurningPoint's online community where we meet between Sundays

At TurningPoint we realize it is important for us to stay connected outside of Sundays. This is where The City fits in. It allows us to share prayer requests, posts needs that come up, and generally interact with one another in a safe, secure environment. Most of the interactions can take place right in your email, but for those who desire more features, you can login online or use their new iPhone app.

How do I join The City? You can request an invite to The City via a Sunday morning's Connection Card and dropping it in the offering basket. We look forward to meeting on The City.

TIP: The biggest key to helping you use The City is to realize it is group-centric. In other words, if you want to post something to a certain group, whether that be the main TPC group or a small group, you need to choose the group first in the left column under Groups. Then you'll be given the options to Post a Topic or Prayer Request, etc.

Link to Full City Website

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1039 22nd St NE
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